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3 Glassware Secrets Sure to Boost Your Beer's Perceived Value

Posted by Boelter Beverage on October 07, 2015

Beer drinking vessels have come a long way since the original. That was identified as a clay jug from ancient Sumeria dating back over 7,000 years. In the 1500s, the Germans were first to serve beer in glassware. And thanks to that pre-automotive engineering prowess, a beer glass exists today for each style of beer.

So what do you do with all this wunderbar glassware? You leverage it!

The secret to releasing your beer’s taste potential is pairing it with the proper branded glassware–though you already know that. After all, you, the craft brewer, are your beer’s first satisfied customer. But were you aware of all of the glassware secrets your beer could use?

By the time you roll out that new batch, you’ve knocked that recipe out of the park. What remains is ensuring that your loyal customers and new prospects alike experience that same brew drinking nirvana when they indulge. Easier said than done, admittedly. Many, in fact, will experience it from a standard pint glass or straight from the bottle or can. Not ideal. But choosing the right glass is only the first step to enhancing your beer’s taste experience and overall perceived value.

The following three glassware secrets will guide you to that end.

1. Presentation is everything.

Put your beer on a pedestal. Or at least in a stemmed goblet, snifter, or tulip glass.

Stems lift that trophy brew off the table and give it the perfect visual presentation, especially this time of the year when the vivid colors and aromas of harvest ales are on tap.

Have a pilsner that sparkles? No worries. The Germans came up with a glass for that too. The Pokal is a stemmed glass to present pilsners, and even lagers, in an upscale light showcasing color, clarity and carbonation like other stemware.

Bottom line, stemmed glasses aren’t just for Belgium ales, Imperial and Double IPAs, Porters, Stouts, and other strong aromatic beers anymore. The secret is finding one that makes your brew loom large over the rest

2. Maintain that foamy head.

Craft connoisseurs savor every sip, and drink by sight as much as they do by smell and taste. They are in no hurry to finish your beer, nor do you want them to be. This is the moment you brew for, really. For this reason, retaining a foamy head is essential for the optimal tasting experience.

Sure, off the shelf, goblets and tulip-shaped glasses hold better head retention by design. But the secret to retaining it longer is laser etching on the inside bottom of the glass. It’s a process called nucleation that accelerates the release of CO2 in your beer. This, in turn, increases effervescence boosting aroma and flavor and, ultimately, prolongs head retention.

3. Make sure they’re drinking your beer.

For those who still think the variety of beer glass styles today is nothing more than a marketing ploy, quickly dispels those notions. It’s true. (Remember, German ingenuity?) See?! These glassware secrets are real!

Each glass style is truly made to promote a beer style’s unique complexities. What it is not manufactured to do (even the right one for you) is promote your brand. That’s when glass decoration saves the day.

Take the Stella Artois glass, for example. Any chance mistaking that beer?

Or consider the high-profile collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head to design their famed IPA glass. Do you feel that strongly about your taste offering? Enough to create a glass from scratch promoting your brand?

Perhaps resources are too tight to climb that mountain, but you needn’t manufacture your own glass to successfully get branded glassware. First you need a glass.

Branded Glassware from Boelter Beverage gives you carte blanche over choosing the right glass for you, complete with every upscale stem glass mentioned above. And then some.

Every viable custom decorating option is available, and an online design tool, E-Design, lets you decorate a select glass. Could it be the next Stella Artois?

A glass worth branding your own is the 21.25oz Munique Beer Glass by Libbey. A tulip-shaped stem glass that stands 8.5” tall, with an extra large canvas to show off your brand. Best of all, no one will need to ask, “What are you drinking?”

So let’s not just raise any glass, let’s raise your branded glass and put these glassware secrets to the test with your beer.


Learn everything about pairing your beers or spirits with the right custom glassware to keep customers drinking out of your glass!

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