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3 Ways Canned Craft Beer Can Put a Crinkle in Brand Presentation

Posted by Boelter Beverage on September 25, 2015


Websites like and celebrate them. Designers and marketing types alike crave their 360 degree canvas. Out (for the most part) is the stigma that drinking your favorite beer from a can takes on a certain metallic flavor, as demonstrated in head-to-head taste tests by’s Jeff Wharton; recorded in his “Craft Beer Cans vs. Bottles–Is There a Difference?” blog.

The benefits of canning are just too great for brewers to resist. In fact, Atalie Rhodes outlines the savings and opportunities offered by canning today in her blog,  “The Stigma of Craft Beer.”
Meanwhile, craft beer drinkers have unbottled their own feelings on the subject, engaging in an ongoing debate over whether brews taste better from a can or bottle. The theories vary as much as personal taste will across the multitude of online forums
To no one’s surprise, the debate is deadlocked. Some prefer cans. Others bottles as a general rule, though, drinkers and brewers agree that the best taste experience will come from a glass. Again, no surprise there. The exception being beers, such as Heady Topper from Alchemist Brewing, that encourage drinking them straight from the can.
Don’t get us wrong, drinking craft beer can be a beautiful thing, even when it’s not best experienced from the can. Glass is not permitted everywhere and, as most attest, canned craft beer is better than no craft beer. But when given the choice, craft connoisseurs are particular about how they partake of their favorite brands. 
As wonderful as craft cans are, there remain three inherent (and subjective) taste inhibitors which might impact one’s tasting experience–and potentially–detract from your otherwise impervious brand image. Drinking straight from the can:

1. Cuts off your sense of smell. Being in a can, your beer’s flavorful aroma is trapped inside. The drinker’s nose is walled off by the can’s top, cutting off your sense of smell and preventing it from interacting with your tastes bud’s to enhance taste

Pouring it straight into a glass activates the carbonation, allowing its foamy head to develop, releasing those tiny bubbles that burst and release that irresistible aroma.

Maybe that is or isn’t important to your canned craft beer, depending on your specific brew, but it may make a difference for a number of your loyal drinkers. 

2. Shields eyes from your beer.

Drinking straight from the can keeps your colorful masterpiece in the dark. So much is revealed when your brew is displayed in a glass, from its color and maltiness to the thickness and texture of its foamed head.

Craft beer is to be savored not slammed. Eyes are just as important to the craft beer aficionado as their sense of smell and taste buds. It may mean the difference between “I’ll have another,” or “Check, please.”

3. Invites unsavory destruction of your logo.

Let’s face it, aluminum cans scream “crush me.” And so it goes. The lucky ones simply get tossed without as much as a single crease in them, while the rest are crushed mercilessly–defenseless–right along with your treasured logo and inspired beer can design.

The worst, of course, is when your own loyal drinkers take it upon themselves to crush your can, albeit innocent in nature, but nonetheless your pride and joy looks more destined for the junkyard than someone’s esteemed beer can collection.

That’s not what you want for your beloved can–or brand–and we don’t blame you.

beer canCanned Craft Beer "Can" Be Great

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The beer can glass gives you and your cult-like followers another option, the best of both tasting worlds while dissuading your followers from crushing your identity and design.

These unique 16 oz. beer can glasses from Libbey and ARC feature the same smooth contours of a beer can but offer the head-releasing flavor advantages of a glass. Pretty cool, huh?

Like aluminum cans, they offer a 360 degree canvas to recreate your can and appeal to those you might otherwise balk at drinking from a can. See, win-win. And unlike cans, they’re reusable and displayable.

Cans? Definitely. Bottles? You bet. Beer can glasses? Trending upward. You win when customer loyalty grows stronger. Giving them every opportunity to enjoy your brew, to evangelize your brand, and to collect custom glassware is key your brand’s success. All while minimizing unsavory experiences.

Besides, preventing your can packaging from getting crushed routinely is a good thing. Here’s to you and your brand…raise your beer can glass questions here. Please comment if you feel as strongly as we do about preserving the dignity and respect of craft beer brands!

 Cheers to craft beers!

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