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6 Patio Umbrella Facts You Need to Know

Posted by Boelter Beverage on January 08, 2018

When toying with the idea of investing in branded patio umbrellas, there is much more to consider than which colors will match. For example, have you ever heard of a UV hour? Do you know what a valance is and why you should consider adding one to your fabric?

See! Umbrellas are much more interesting than you might have thought. Here are six facts about Boelter's patio umbrellas that will get your wheels turning on whether you should make this investment for your business.

1. Why Do UV Hours Matter?

A UV hour is a measurement used in the umbrella world for gauging how much sunlight a particular type of umbrella fabric can handle before it needs replacement. It goes without saying that the lower the UV hours, the shorter the life of the umbrella.

The beverage industry’s standard umbrella fabric is a high end 8 oz polyester. This umbrella has a lifespan of approximately 200 UV hours, which means it will maintain its original vibrant colors for at least 200 hours of direct sunlight. At Boelter, we recommend avoiding umbrellas with UV hours of less than 100. While the fabric might look nice, it probably has not been designed for sunny climates. As a result, you will see a fade much quicker than with the 8 oz polyester material. 

On the other hand, for those brands looking for a premium umbrella fabric there are options that are even more durable. Take Pacifica fabric. A solution-dyed polyester, this material will last five times longer than the 8 oz fabric. Why? The cloth is treated with a heavy-duty sun protection solution and has a lifespan of 1000 UV hours. You could also consider Sunbrella fabric, which is a UV solution dyed acrylic material. This cloth is noticeably thicker and will last up to 10 years before needing replacement. 

2. Fiberglass Ribs vs. Steel Ribs

You might have noticed most umbrella frames come with either fiberglass or steel ribs. But what is the difference? While steel is sturdy and looks nice outdoors, fiberglass ribs are more durable and flexible. These elements are especially beneficial in harsh, unpredictable weather. Wood frames are also available. While not as flexible as fiberglass, wood is enduring and gives off a relaxing beach bar vibe.

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3. To Vent or Not To Vent

The majority of patio umbrellas have single wind vents (SWV). Others come with Dual Wind Vents or no vent at all. But what does the vent do? A vent helps regulate air flow under the umbrella when the heat rolls in. This air flow will make sure you aren't sipping your beer in a sauna. It also helps in windy weather, as a vent will help prevent the umbrella from pulling a Mary Poppins and flying away. Again, both components to consider depending on the geography of your umbrellas' potential locations.

4. What's the Deal With Valances?

An umbrella's valance is the bit of fabric that hangs down over the sides of the frame. Some people like the look a valance provides, others do not. Regardless, there are certain subtle advantages you might want to think about. As a benefit for your patrons, as the sun sets a valance offers additional shading to keep the rays at bay a little longer. As a benefit for you, it also provides brands a further opportunity for advertising. More fabric = more marketing space.

5. Underside Umbrella Printing

A relatively new trend among umbrella manufacturers is underside umbrella printing. Yes, that's exactly what it sounds like, an opportunity for brands to showcase their logo or campaigns on the inside of the umbrella. This additional advertising space is a fantastic option for companies that need larger quantities of umbrellas (MOQ 300) and can order earlier in the year to combat longer lead times. Why not use ALL the space you have.

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6. The Key is to Order Early

Everyone wants to set up their new umbrellas as soon as patio season opens. However, the problem is many of these breweries and distilleries forget to place their umbrella orders until April or May, making those two months the busiest of the year.

So, what happens to orders that come in even later in the year than April or May? Because there is a 5 - 6 week domestic lead time, their umbrellas might not be ready until mid or late summer, causing the company to miss out on much of the patio season. To avoid this costly mistake, order your umbrellas as close to the beginning of the year as you can. Specifically before the end of March. The MOQ on most types of umbrellas is just 24, but the more you order, the longer your projected lead time should be.

Ultimately, if you want to make an impression this summer and continue to raise your brand awareness, patio umbrellas are an excellent option. Now is the time to order to ensure you're out in the beer garden with your customers enjoying the sun.


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