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Digital Marketing is Affordable Marketing

Posted by Boelter Beverage on December 05, 2018

Mobile Marketing for Your Establishment: Minimized Expense, Maximized Growth.

A digital marketing plan allows you to spend less time and money on marketing efforts, simplifying your path to growth. Through an app you are able to capture more first-time guests, make your best guests feel like insiders and remind patrons who haven’t visited with you in a while why they ought to return.

Boelter Blue can help you make an app that makes engaging with guests rewarding, fun, and affordable.


5 Affordable Ways to Grow Your Business Digitally

Leverage the smartphone platform for advertising. 

Thirty-five percent of smartphone users say they check their phones more than 50 times a day—this is really where you can make an impact.

Cut out unnecessary content. 

Don’t waste money on irrelevant content just for the sake of posting frequently. Create content that’s engaging or adds value to their lives. Consider posting special events, new menu items, or promotions.

Show don’t tell. 

Consumers aren’t interested in you telling them how wonderful your brewery is; they want to be convinced. Post pictures of your best brews across social media and highlight positive customer reviews. If you’ve won local awards, post links to those accolades. Let others tell potential patrons you’re great; don’t do it yourself.

Go beyond discounts. 

While discounts and coupons are great, it becomes an expectation as people get accustomed to them. What people aren’t used to however are giveaways, chances to upgrade and the occasional freebie. Having a loyalty program with these types of offers makes your customer feel special.

Don’t copy competitor campaigns. 

Differentiate yourself. For example, you could create a YouTube video series demonstrating simplified ways for viewers to prepare a couple of your popular cocktails at home. Or, you could post stories focused on your staff members’ backgrounds and personality.

Learn more about building traffic and regulars with smart mobile marketing strategies and the Boelter Blue marketing app.

Learn more about smart mobile marketing strategies.

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