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Finding the Right Tap Handle Dimensions

Posted by Boelter Beverage on January 18, 2019

When designing your custom tap handle, size and shape are two crucial elements. After all, it’s not just about visual presentation—but how usable is your tap handle? If your tap handle is too tall or too wide, it’ll irritate the bartender and may even be turned on its side, killing all that hard work you put into design. Make sure your tap handle is the appropriate size by adhering to general size and weight guidelines.

Tap handle shapes and sizes

Size & Weight Guidelines

The average consumer takes between 3–5 seconds to select a beer at an average viewing distance of 10–15 feet. The primary consideration for customers is the style of beer, followed by the brewery. It is important for handles to be easily read from all angles, this helps avoid problems when mounted incorrectly.

Tap handles are spaced 3" apart at the bar. That means the max width should be 2.625". The height should measure 10-12" tall, and the weight should be less than a pound so they’re easy to use in a busy bar. Keep in mind sizing and material affect the weight of your tap handle.

Custom Shape Advantages

Nothing quite stands out like a figural shape at the tap tower. They are highly memorable and can tell your brand’s story in a unique, creative way. At Boelter, we offer high-quality personalized ceramic handles that keep your brew front and center.

As you design your tap handle, keep these dimension guidelines in mind so your tap handle can be as stunning as it is effective!

Learn everything there is to know about tap handles from design and dimensions to materials and processes.

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