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Growing Your Brand in the Modern Beer Garden

Posted by Boelter Beverage on July 18, 2017

Traditional Biergartens grew out of a brewing ban during hot Bavarian summers throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. At the time, brewers dug out cellars on the banks of the River Isar in Munich that allowed them to store excess beer at cool temperatures. This ensured they always had a supply of beer, even when they were not permitted to brew new batches. Of course, where there is beer there are people who would like to drink it, so out of these caverns "beer cellars" were born where thirsty patrons gathered.

However, it wasn't until the 19th century that breweries began building up flat river banks under the entrances to their beer cellars, planting densely grown chestnut trees, and setting up tables and benches for people to spend time drinking beer outside.

Thus, the beer garden was officially born! Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before German immigrants introduced the concept in America, creating a cultural staple that would bring generations of beer enthusiasts together across continents. Lucky for us, while times have changed over the past century or two, open-air establishments like these have only gotten better with food menus, live music, comfortable seating, and more!

Branded glass tankards in the beer garden

On the other hand, not everything has changed since the 16th century. After all, people still love to spend their summer days outside sipping cold beer! With the recent craft beer and spirits boom, this opens up tremendous opportunities for those in the beverage industry.

Whether your brewery or distillery is planning to open your own outdoor garden, or if your brand is being distributed to brew pubs and restaurants with outdoor seating, here are our suggestions for branded products that will help spread your brand, and make you a stable in modern beer garden culture.

  • Patio Umbrellas & Canopies: Not every beer garden is thick with chestnut trees. Custom umbrellas offer shade and style.
  • Tap Handles: Make your brews the easy choice at the beer garden bar with custom tap handles that keep your brand standing out.
  • Plastic Cups: Whether you’re having a beer garden grand opening or would simply like to keep clean up simple. (Eco-friendly versions are available!)
  • Tankards & Boots: Not all beer gardens are Bavarian, but if you’re sticking to tradition, make sure you do it right! Plus, these make an incredible branded souvenir for customers.
  • Sandwich Board: Spread the word about your beer garden and, of course, your beer garden specials!
  • Coasters: Summer is notorious for sweating glassware. Custom coasters will keep your tables dry and clean-up easier.
  • Pitchers: Beer gardens are social, and what's more social than sharing a pitcher of craft beer?
  • Serving Trays & Caddies: Not all beer gardens are self-served. Make life easier for your bartenders and servers, and leave an impression at the same time.

To grow brand loyalty your brand needs to make customers feel great, both with your beverages and your image. What better place to do that than in America's favorite summer gathering spot, the beer garden.


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