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How Seasonal Tap Handles Impact Your Bottom Line [Infographic]

Posted by Boelter Beverage on December 11, 2017

Back in 2015, a woman named Jill Sacco was invited to speak at the National Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon. As the Merchandising, POS, and Retail Manager for Maine's Allagash Brewing Company on top of her 13-years of industry experience, she spoke fluidly about brewery point-of-sale marketing, specifically about what types of branded brewery merchandise are the most effective. While every brewery has unique attributes that call for different types of merchandise, overall Jill narrowed it down to what she called the "Big 3": Glassware, Coasters, and Tap Handles.

We could write a novel about these three categories of brewery merchandise, but since we are at the beginning of winter beer season, we thought we would focus on the one that will help you sell more at the bar: tap handles.

Why should you invest in a tap handle for your seasonal beer?

  • Tap handles are a favorite added value item for distributors and sales reps. Craft breweries are continuing to pop up all over the country, and many of these breweries have developed seasonal brews. You are not only trying to make your beer stand out to customers, but also to distributors and sales reps. Because tap handles are a proven method for connecting with consumers at the bar, adding a functional, well-designed tap handle to your package will make your brand easier for them to sell to bars. As a result, your beer will end up at the top of their seasonal distribution list.
  • Tap handles are both functional, attention-grabbing, and a chance to show a glimpse of your brand's story. Imagine yourself walking into a bar that serves beer. Whether it's the local dive or attached to a 5-star steakhouse, the row of tap handles takes center stage. It's one of the first parts of the bar your eyes go to, and, because they at eye level a customer's eyes will continue to explore them while hanging out at the bar. This scenario presents an opportunity for you to take a bartending accessory and make it a customized piece of branded artwork, showcasing your brand and promoting your seasonal beverage. With only a limited time to sell your winter beer, it's essential for it to stand out.

What makes a seasonal tap handle stand out? 

  1. This might sound obvious, but make sure it doesn't look like all the other holiday tap handles at the bar. Customers' eyes veer toward colors and shapes that are different than the others around them. So, if your competitors all went with red and green, why not go for silver and gold? Or use a customized tap handle shape.
  2. Use contrasting colors so that the beer style is easy to read from a farther distance. For example, if you want your base color to be dark blue, use white or light silver for your beer style text.
  3. It's great to use colorful designs on your tap handle, but make sure it doesn't look so busy that the beer style and brand disappear. One of the most important parts of a tap handle design is identifying the beer style in a way that makes it easy for a customer to see from a distance. If a customer doesn't know what kind of beer they will be getting from a glance, they are less likely to take a chance on it.

Looking to tap into a little inspiration?

Check out our holiday tap handle infographic, featuring some of our favorite in-stock Chrislan ceramics tap handle shapes made right here in North America or give us a call at 1(800) BeerCup to talk more about seasonal branding for your brewery today.

Boelter Beverage Seasonal Tap Handle Infographic

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Learn everything there is to know about tap handles from design and dimensions to materials and processes.

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