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Keep Your Brand as Fresh as Your Beer

Posted by Boelter Beverage on February 05, 2016

You’ve opened a brewpub. You did your due diligence, honed your microbrews and menu, and developed a loyal customer base. Life is good. Maybe you’ve even expanded into new markets. But then comes the day you notice the shine has dulled on your corporate identity and product packaging. Yes, the “buzz” surrounding your brand has passed.

When you’re successful long enough, it’s bound to happen. In that way, an outdated logo is actually a good thing, right? So how come you’re feeling trepidation over updating it? Change.

Yep, you’ve built a successful brand and you don’t want anything to change that. We get it, but it sounds like it's time for some brewery rebranding. In fact, Granite City Food & Brewery, a polished casual American restaurant and microbrewer with 30 locations in 13 states, recently faced the same challenges. Here are 3 things they considered to keep their brand as fresh as their beer.


1. Collaborate on What You Don't Know

Granite City sought the expertise of a design firm. After all, they’re in the business of brewing beer and creating all-American fare, not design. This might sound like giving up control of your brand... wrong! That doesn’t mean you leave the interpretation of your brewery to the design firm. No one knows your brand better than you. Stick to that, and you’ll avoid a number of headaches in the rebranding process.

2. Think Bigger, Longer Term

It starts with a simple, consistent brand message that’s integrated into every consumer touch point. Granite City recognized this and refreshed their brand and brewpubs to better reflect their marketplace position. Refreshing their brewery and product identities, along with their glass and barware, merchandise and sponsored events completed their initiative: thinking big, and thinking long term.

3. You’ll Know It When You See It

So here’s something to keep in mind, especially you craft brewers who are famous for a “do it yourself” mindset: sure you’re a great brewery, but designer… maybe not. Let the creative process work its course. In the end, you’ll be presented with ideas and design solutions you wouldn’t have considered–so dead on, in fact, they’ll feel as though it’s what you were thinking all along.


That’s the ah-ha moment you’re looking for.

Refreshing your brand is nothing to fear, but finding the right design partner makes all the difference. Interested in getting started? Give Boelter a call at 1-800-BeerCup.

If you have thoughts and experiences on brand makeovers, we’d love to hear them here or on Twitter @BeerCup and Facebook.


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