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Kombucha Continues to Gain Traction

Posted by Boelter Beverage on July 30, 2018

According to a recent survey, 29% of Americans don’t drink alcohol. What’s more, younger consumers are more health-conscious than previous generations, and, with this idea in mind, make food and drink choices with health in mind. 

So, what’s a brewery to do to cater to thirsty non-drinkers, as well as to health-focused consumers? We’re here to tell you the good news: you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Non-alcoholic and healthy, not to mention tasty, kombucha is one of the hottest food trends of 2018. 

What Is Kombucha? 
While it’s a relatively new trend, kombucha is anything but a new beverage. The drink is, in fact, centuries old and may trace its origins back to China. The drink is fermented using a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) to create a tasty beverage that also offers benefits for gut bacteria, an important component of good health. 

Kombucha might be a surprising new trend because it doesn’t seem like it would be everyone’s beverage of choice with its vinegar-y taste. Yet it’s become something of a sleeper hit, moving away from its traditionally hippie set to new demographics of health- and flavor-focused consumers. 

Trends in Kombucha
Funky Flavors 
Though kombucha has been commonplace in grocery stores for around a decade, drinkers are asking for increasing variety. For example, the grocery store chain carried only 12 varieties of kombucha ten years ago; now they offer more than 70. Over the last two years, too, the chain’s sales of kombucha has doubled. 

Lots of small-batch kombucha brewers are popping up all over the country. These creative brewers are experimenting with unusual flavors and herbs to create kombucha that’s all their own. Some popular flavors include mango mint, verbena rose, and passion berry. 

What’s clear? That drinkers are increasingly choosing kombucha, and they value trying different varieties of the sweet-and-sour sweetened tea. 

Kombucha-Beer Hybrids 
You might think that kombucha sounds an awful lot like another fermented beverage – beer. You wouldn’t be alone. 

The newest of the new trends pairs kombucha with beer for a wholly new taste. For example, a pairing of a kombucha brewery and a craft beer brewery in Denver produced kombucha-beer blend of barrel-aged saison beer with a prickly pear kombucha. 

The result is something like a radler or a shandy – a fruity, low-alcohol beer – but these kombucha-beer blends also offer something special: the digestive properties of kombucha’s live bacteria. 


Kombucha & Cold Brew Tap Handles


Kombucha Cocktails 
Kombucha is known for its health restorative properties, but it’s also tasty paired with hard liquor. Some kombucha cocktails include the Swedish Tart, with green tea kombucha, dill simple syrup, and vodka, and a kombucha-vodka highball with ginger kombucha and vodka. Remember, though, if you’re making a kombucha cocktail, add the kombucha last to preserve its combination, like you would seltzer. 

Serving Kombucha 
Kombucha is certainly a smart choice to have on your menu. Whether you buy kombucha from small craft breweries or decide to brew your own, you’ll need the following Boelter tools to simplify your kombucha service:

  • Tap handles. Let your customers know you’re serious about kombucha by having it available on tap and with a custom ceramic tap handle to boot.
  • Growlers. Many consumers are interested in drinking kombucha at home. Why not simplify the process for them by stocking up on growlers? 
  • Bottle openers. Kombucha is generally stored in bottles. If you’re serving up plenty of kombucha, make sure to also stock up on easy-to-use bottle openers. 
  • Coasters. Particularly if you’re aiming to spread awareness of your kombucha brand, an eye-catching coaster can let your customers know you offer this drink too. 

Kombucha is a healthy trend that won’t be going anywhere. Why not consider the creative ways you can implement kombucha on your menu?  

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