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Summer Craft Beer Lovin'

Posted by Boelter Beverage on May 23, 2017

Friends drinking bottles of beer together in a park

Picture this:

It's a sunny summer day. You're at the park. Birds are chirping, dogs are barking, and children are laughing. The smell of blooming flowers and, of course, BBQ fill the air.

A blue minivan pulls up...

Out jumps your sister, her three kids, and your parents. As they unpack their lawn chairs and a game of Cornhole, a motorcycle appears. It's your best friend Pete and his fiancé, Stacy. Your 6-year-old son sprints over to him for a high-five. You fire up the grill. A canopy is set up, and underneath you're prepared with a giant cooler of beer and all your favorite BBQ comfort foods. It's the perfect day.

Now take a step back to reality.

Does this scene sound familiar? It should! It is the quintessential summer BBQ dream and unfolds in American parks, yards (and in some cases parking lots) all season long. 

What if your brewery could be there with these families, but in a bigger way than chilling on ice? For example, we bet your brand would look awesome gracing that canopy. And if you placed your brewery's name on the side of the cooler, wouldn't your beer be the first one considered when reaching inside? Better yet, put your logo on a game of Cornhole and players will be aiming right at your brand for the entire match. That will work up a thirst! 

Take one more step back, and look at the bigger picture. This branded merchandise would not only impact one family. After all, parks and tailgating parking lots are open to countless people. Those passing by will catch the fun, and whether they realize it or not, they will also see your brand.

After all, when it comes to brand marketing there is one equation that works time and time again for quality breweries: 

Impressions = brand recognition = craft beer love!More Impressions = Greater Brand Recognition = Higher ROI and more Craft Beer Love! 


Here's to the summer! Cheers!



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