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The Superman School Of Glassware Branding

Posted by Boelter Beverage on November 14, 2015


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the Man of Stainless Steel?

Considering the trends in the craft beer and newspaper industries, a modern-day Clark Kent might be a craft brewer instead of a mild-mannered reporter.

Besides, Superman’s iconic “S” is one of the most recognized brands in the universe… and what brewer wouldn’t change his clothes in a phone booth for that level of brand recognition. So who better to extol his wisdom on the subject of branded glassware?

Here is Superman’s perspective on the topic, which has stood the test of time–not to mention all the villains he has conquered!


1. Be Invincible

Your brand cannot be a super-hero if it is susceptible to shattering. Glass pints are sturdy and stackable but not invincible like tumblers made of steel. Accidents happen, and glass breaks. Superman’s first lesson in branding glassware: stock shatterproof stainless steel pints.

Stainless steel pints are ideal for places where glass can’t go, such as backwoods, beaches, parks and tailgate parties. Pints come as 16oz single wall tumblers or as 18oz double wall tumblers, which keep “the cold ones” cold longer. You choose, all stainless steel or a stealthy matte black. Cool? Yes. Invincible? Definitely!


2. Be Mobile

To say Superman gets around is an understatement. Speeding bullets have a limited range. This man does not, and neither should your branded drinkware. In fact, the DrinkTanks™ 64oz insulated steel growler was developed for this reason–allowing loyal drinkers to combine their love of your beer with their passion for the outdoors.

Whether camping, hiking, or boating, this “growler of steel” is the ideal traveling companion. It’s engineered to keep your favorite craft brew chilled for up to 24 hours.

But it’s also about versatility. If you thought Clark Kent’s ability to change in a phone booth was cool, you’re going to love the fact that these growlers come with an optional KegCap™ kit that transforms them into a mini-keg-on-the-go. A genuine beer drinking experience you won’t find deep in the woods–or with any other growler.

The man of steel may have had only one basic look, but DrinkTanks™ come in a variety of finishes and colors, and you can brand them in 1-color or engrave them. Forgive the pun, but your in-store and online sales are sure to go up, up and away!

3. Be Aware

The Man of Steel senses danger like no other on planet earth; he’s on-guard at all times. So it should come as no surprise to know that he is environmentally conscious as well. Like glass, stainless steel is sustainable, but more practical when it comes to replacing paper and plastic cups at outdoor events and festivals.

4. Stay Strong

Customers don’t need to have x-ray vision to spot a strong brand, so keep yours visible with an entire lineup of custom glassware and barware. And remember to include stainless steel tumblers, growlers, and keg-caps for extra durability and staying power.

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