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Why Tap Handles Lead to More Sales

Posted by Boelter Beverage on January 18, 2019

As competition continues to increase in the craft beer industry, finding ways to stand out and attract patrons is trickier than ever. When customers settle down and eye their options at the tap, you have merely seconds to influence their choice. Does your tap handle persuade them to choose you?

Interesting tap handles

Here ARE a few reasons why tap handles play a major role in increasing bar sales.

They’re your one chance to market at the bar.

Tap handles are deliberately placed at the drinker’s eye-level and are generally the brewer’s only chance of marketing in a bar or restaurant. An attractive, eye-catching tap handle will entice patrons to choose your brew over the many other options.

They help you stand out in a saturated market.

According to the Brewers Association, the number of operating breweries is at an all time high of 6,300+, with small and independently owned craft breweries accounting for 98%. For these brewers, it’s critical now more than ever to have a tap handle that stands out in a bar, since this is likely their only form of marketing.

Eye-catching designs capture more drinkers.

32% of purchase decisions are made at the bar, and tap handles are often the first thing people will look at. With a good-looking tap handle, you can expect about a 10% increase in draft sales in the first three months, and a 4% growth of sales over a 12 month period.

Your tap handle becomes your brand identity.

Tap handles are a quick, visual way for people to identify your brand. With a custom tap handle, you can illustrate your brand’s story and the character of your beer. With a consistent design, people will come to recognize your brand, and you’ll be what they look for at the tap.

Learn everything there is to know about tap handles from design and dimensions to materials and processes.

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